Resident Leadership Training Program

The primary goals of this program are to transfer concrete leadership skills and increase people’s sense of being agents of change. One key to achieving these goals is starting with the fundamental belief that each participant and the communities that they represent are assets.

In spring of 2015, NHS of Waterbury conducted our first Resident Leadership Training Program. This program is designed based on NeighborWorks America’s curriculum to support and develop local residents’ engagement, leadership and participation in their communities. This philosophy of engaging residents to establish positive relationships allows the community to solve its own problems, obtain resources and influence change.

NHSW acknowledges the importance of community revitalization but realizes there needs to be holistic approach to stabilizing a neighborhood, therefore NHSW has begun to expand our Real Estate Development efforts to 2 targeted neighborhoods within Waterbury. This development would not be successful without the support of the local residents. Over this past year, NHSW has expanded our Community Building and Engagement line of business to support our Real Estate Development by encouraging residents to sustain the development of the community through organized street and park clean ups, block parties, movie nights and other activities that encourage residents to become involved in their neighborhoods.

The Resident Leadership Training Program is made up of five 2 hour classes and participants are required to attend all 5 classes in order to receive their Resident Leader Graduate Certificate. The courses are the following:

Unit 1: Identifying and Mapping Our Local Community

This course will provide the skills and knowledge of how to understand and recognize assets within the community, as well as identify community needs versus assets and the importance of building relationships within the community to utilize the assets.

Unit 2: The Art and Importance of Resident Leadership

This course will provide skills to identify strength based leadership and the ability to recognize those characteristics in yourself and others. It will also help to acknowledge the need to support local leaders within the community and a way to transfer your own leadership skills to others within the community to help develop local resident leaders.

Unit 3: Communication Approaches

This course will provide assist residents with strengthening their communication skills which will help them to identify cultural diversity in communication as well as teach residents how to listen and communicate effectively.

Unit 4: Understanding the Power of Community Change

This session will help you to identify what power is and how it works. It will also help you to understand the steps to effective coalition by identifying your capability to effect change by developing a power map.

Unit 5: Creating and Planning Successful Meetings

This session will help residents to identify facilitation skills that will help them communicate effectively and how a successful meeting and assist them in decision making and planning. This session will also teach residents to be aware of group dynamics and how to keep that in mind when facilitating a meeting.

This program will be conducted from April to May each year. The next application will be due March 23, 2018. All applications will be reviewed by our Community Building and Engagement (CB&E) committee. All selected participants will be notified by the end of March. A $10 registration fee is required upon acceptance into the program. This is a tuition-free class. Food will be provided. The class application can be found here or, you may pick one up at our office: 161 North Main Street, Waterbury, CT 06702. All required class materials will be provided by NHS of Waterbury.

For more information, please contact Erika Cooper at (203) 753.1896 ext. 18 or email: